How to promote your Spotify Artist Page


If you are an Artist and have a web presence, promotion is key in your success. If you have managed to take control of your music/Artist page on Spotify or are in the process of doing so, you will need to promote your Artist page.

Just like you need to promote all your other social media sites to gain followers, you need to promote Spotify. One of the easiest ways is to generate a follow button which you can place on your website, blog, etc. If you don’t have a website, copy your Artist page link/URL and post it on all your other social media account. A follow button is an easy way for your fans/listeners to follow you on Spotify without having to leave your site or blog. Ours looks like this:

If you want to create a button which I strongly recommend you use this site then grab the code for your site:

Other ways to promote your music is to cross-promote. In other words, promote your Facebook fan page on your Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., etc. While some of your fans from one social media platform to another may be the same, a lot of them will be different so this is a good way to get your numbers up.

One method that has worked wonderfully for us, but limited to Facebook, is the Facebook ads. For very little money, we have managed to grow our Fan base from about 3,000 to close to 60,000 in a matter of a few months.

All you need to do is to get creative and most importantly, always be active. What they say is true, out of sight, out of mind! Post frequently, go live, do anything to stay fresh in your fans’ eyes/ears.

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