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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my article. Sorry I’m using my band site to do so but I didn’t want to buy a new domain for this but you will get the answer to what you’re looking for. Also, this has motivated me to publish helpful articles regarding music/promotion/etc. For a list of all my articles relating to the entertainment industry, by date published, click HERE.

So I was desperately looking for an answer to accomplish this for my band and all the information I found, while somewhat helpful, was also not 100% accurate, misleading and confusing. I have combined the limited information I found, with the information gathered from actually doing the process and have the following information for you. I’ll provide a contact at the end if you have any questions or get stuck. It is a lot more reading than other instructions out there but these instructions will get you there if you follow them.

Unlike other social media sites that allow you to set up a band/Artist page/account right off the bat, Spotify works rather similar to Facebook but different at the same time, I’ll explain. Just like Facebook, you need to have a personal profile to gain access to your Band or Fan/Artist Page. The funny thing is that your ARTIST page is most likely already created for you. Keep reading.

In Spotify, you must have an account but the confusing part is, no one tells you that initially, it’s a personal account. Read more in the steps below and read carefully, it’s very confusing and can cost you time and money.

I have completed the process so I’m waiting for a response and will update this page once I get a response so check back. Consequently, what I share is only up to where I’ve gotten. I’m not making any guarantees but this is the way it’s just that I’m being more thorough for your sake. Do not take shortcuts or deviate, it will cost you more time and frustration. Following these steps, I’ve gotten through the process and am just waiting. The reward will be actual approval. I will update this page with that once received.

Setting Up A Spotify Verified Artist Account (Unlike other social media platforms, the only way to have an Artist page/account that you have access to and control in Spotify, is to be Verified)
How to Become a Spotify Verified Artist:

Step 1
Download the Spotify Desktop App HERE. You will need it. If you don’t have a desktop, find one and be prepared to spend a few hours on it. You cannot do this without the desktop application.

Step 2
Make sure your releases are in the Spotify store (You can check this on your phone or your friend’s, tablet or other devices). In other words, do a search for your band name. If you sell your music for download or actual CD’s through services like Tunecore, CDbaby, Amazon, etc., your music/band should come up in the Spotify search results. Along with your Artist picture, it will show you are an ARTIST as opposed to a USER (There’s a big difference).

Here is where it starts to get tricky. The personal Spotify accounts are preceded by USER in the URL something like name. For artists, it is something like name. Don’t worry so much about URL’s for now just know that difference.

If your music is not in Spotify store, you will need to get this done before you can move on SORRY 🙁

Step 3
I recommend you set up the account, on either of the 2 links provided, using your band name if possible. If your artist name is already taken, don’t fret, choose the next best name, i.e.: ‘artist_name’Official or ‘artist_name’Music. According to experts, you will be able to change this to your proper name at a later time.

If you don’t have a Spotify account AND your music IS in the Spotify store, set up a new user account HERE. Click “create an account using your e-mail address.” Do NOT signup with a Facebook profile. If your artist name is already taken, don’t fret, choose the next best name, i.e.: ‘artist_name’Official or ‘artist_name’Music. According to experts, you will be able to change this to your proper name at a later time.

If your music, is NOT in the Spotify store, you will need to set up your account elsewhere (link to follow) but I recommend you don’t create an account until you are ready to do it all. If you must create an account right away but your music is not there, you need to do it HERE. Click “create an account using your e-mail address.” Do NOT signup with a Facebook profile. If your artist name is already taken, don’t fret, choose the next best name, i.e.: ‘artist_name’Official or ‘artist_name’Music. According to experts, you will be able to change this to your proper name at a later time.

Step 4
Once you have created the account, add one playlist to it so it’s not empty upon launch.
If you need help creating a playlist, check out this video CREATE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST
Once your playlist is created, make sure to ‘right click’ on the playlist name > Make Public – otherwise it will not be visible.

Step 5
Now that you’ve completed all the mandatory and necessary preliminary work, let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

Click on this link and on the top right, click on REQUEST ACCESS. Complete the 4 steps and just wait. Spotify will notify you once this has been done but keep going. You did make sure your music was already on Spotify right? If not you won’t be able to complete this step.

Step 6
THIS STEP IS CRITICAL…..Now that you have your personal account set up and you’ve requested access to your artist information, you need to get 250 followers. BUT WAIT! Not so fast!!! The 250 followers need to be following your ARTIST page or profile, not the personal account you created or have. Are you confused yet? I know I was! No worries, I’ll explain.

Start promoting your ARTIST page/profile on your other social media sites, mass text your friends, etc.

To qualify for verification you must have at least 250 followers on your ARTIST page, not your personal account. You can find your follower count by clicking on the “About” tab in the desktop client and looking directly under your monthly listener count. See images below:
**NOTE: The follower count is NOT the same as your monthly listener count.

Step 7
Once you have 250 followers, you can submit for verification HERE. (You may be required to create or log in to an existing Google account to use the submission form.)
You will need to include a URL to a hosted 200×200 pixel profile image on the form. You have to have this image either in your site and provide the URL or it needs to be hosted with a free picture hosting provider like IMGUR, Google Photos, Etc.

Step 8
YOU ARE ALL DONE!!!! Be patient and WAIT. Promote the heck out of your ARTIST profile. (See my article on ways to promote your Artist page by clicking HERE)

Once your Verified Spotify Account is activated, you will be able to merge your PERSONAL and ARTIST accounts into one and you can have your band music and insights on your very own PAGE. At this point, you can also continue to build a community of fans who want to discover music through you. Each time you make a playlist or share a song, they’ll hear it.

Once verified, your account will be linked to your discography pages, making them easily searchable within the service. Remember, “followers” are essentially users who you can reach directly whenever you have new music to promote.

There is no guaranteed timetable for verification, but Spotify’s message upon completion of the applications is that it will take 4 weeks.

My name is Pablo Antonio, founder and lead vocalist for Pablo Antonio y La Firma, a Tropical Latin band in Washington, DC. We have been around since 1998 and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

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